Build Your Own Solar Water Heater System

Have you ever desired to build your own solar water heater but didn’t have the right product or instructions to teach you how to do so? If that’s the case, today’s your lucky day as building these things is extremely cost effective and very friendly on the environment. You can find some of the top quality water heaters here.

As you and I both know, many peoples are learning how to create their own solar hot water heater as a way to save money on their electricity bills, as these things are known to cut down on monthly utility bill payments by around 33% (or more) every month!

Not only that, but these water heaters are known to reduce any dependency you have on the national grid, you will not have be annoyed by power outages as much as others who rely on the electricity company, and you may even qualify for a rebate from whoever supplies power within your location area. Last but not least, diy solar water heaters are cheap to install compared to other ways of getting electricity.

Unfortunately, if you were to buy a water heater that was already pre-built, you would have to pay well over $1,000, but if you were to build your own solar water heater, it may cost you between $50 and $200 (more or less) dollars. Not only that, if you were to construct one yourself, you would see a return on your money almost instantly, as it takes a very long time to see a return on investment with the ones that cost $1,000’s of dollars and whatnot, and you do not want that…I promise you that!

In order to construct a heater, you would have be required to own a pair of scissors, buckets, some wood, a glass pane, aluminum foil, and a few other items; all of which you can buy at the local hardware store in your city. Also, there are a few crucial parts of a solar water heater, and one of them is the solar panel itself. The solar panel is the component that is used to convert the sun’s energy into efficient electricity that you can use to power your household. You can order one of these online, build it yourself, and/or buy it in the store if you like. Some of the other parts that you will need are metal pipes and wire extensions, just so you know.

Also, the other essentials needed to build your own solar water heater are a glass-covered box that is used to absorb the heat from the sun, a storage tank that you will put above the glass-covered box, and a set of copper pipes that will be used for the flotation of water in your glass box.

For those of you who didn’t pay attention in science class, hot water rises upward while cold water falls downward. Because of this, the water in your glass box will move up in the storage tank (to provide heat) while your cold water will fall to the bottom of the heat collector.

The above paragraphs are just an example of a water heater that you could build with the plans that are available on the internet!

Last but not least, if you want to build your own solar water heater, there are a few things that you should look for in the product that you buy:

1. It must be easy enough to understand with instructions that are clear and detailed. Concise information will hopefully reduce the number of obstacles that you may have to endure along the way to constructing your own solar panel.
2. A money back guarantee if the product does not work as described or does not help you in any way. Products that are reliable will almost always allow for at least a 30-60 period for a money back guarantee, so if the product doesn’t offer this incentive, you should probably not buy it.
3. Even better, even though this isn’t necessarily a requirement, the product should come with video instructions that teach you how to build the product using step-by-step instructions that you can visually see and follow after. It’s best to see things done in real-time so that you can know whether or not you’re on the right path!

Do you desire to discover how to Build Your Own Solar Water Heater but don’t have the necessary plan that will teach you how to do so? If so, click the link to discover the product that will personally show you how to construct your own Solar Water Heater System without breaking the bank but while saving you a ton of money!

DIY Solar Water Heating

DIY Solar Water Heating is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world, especially since it can cut down on electricity costs by up to 33%! As you and I both know, electricity rates are skyrocketing at an unprecedented rate, so anything that can cut down on your utility bill costs may work wonders for your wallet or purse.

If you have never built a hot water heater before, please know that these things are not hard to build at all, and if you want to create these things from the ground up, it may cost you less than $100 depending on your wants and needs. It’d be better to build your own one versus paying thousands of dollars for one that is built for you.

Creating a DIY solar water heating project from homemade panels is definitely the quickest way to go “green” and take advantage of the sun’s solar benefits upon mankind. Also, building your own system versus buying one that’s already built will give you a return on your investment in the first month. Obtaining a pre-built heater will take around a year or so before you receive a return on the money that you paid for it, as well as economic benefits also.

In a typical climate, a panel can give you over half (to 75%) of your home’s hot water energy, which is a benefit to those of you who are tired of polluting this beautiful planet as well as those of you who like efficiency in your life. Also, another thing that you may like to know is that the best solar heaters have an efficiency rate that is around 80%, which makes them a lot better than the photovoltaic solar panels that are commonly used.

Another thing that may concern you about creating your own DIY solar water heating system is that hiring somebody (or a company) to install a heater for you is extremely expensive (as stated above), and there are a lot of companies that are screwing people over with highly inflated prices, and this is something that I certainly do not want to happen to you. Hopefully, you are already sold on why you should build your own water panels instead of having somebody do it for you.

In order to build a system you can use for your house, here are a few of the items you may want to buy: a roof mounting kit, retro-fit coil, circulation pump with the iso valves, and a pressure system kit.

Last but not least, there are 2 kinds of DIY solar water heating panels that you can buy, and they are evacuated and flat plate tubes. If you live in cold places such as Canada, Russia, Great Britain (The United Kingdom), much of Europe, or other cold climates, I don’t recommend that you buy the flat plate panel. The reason for this is that it only provides a good amount of heat during the season of summer, and we all know that summer is so short that the cold will be back in no time.

Nevertheless, even though flat plate panels are cheaper than evacuated tube panels, they are certainly not as efficient as the evacuated ones, which means that it is in your best interest to buy an evacuated panel.

Evacuated tube panels can generate warm heat all year as long as the sun is out in the sky and shining. Another benefit of evacuated panels is that they are able to produce heat even when a lot of clouds are covering the sky.

Do you desire to save at least 33% (or more) on your electricity bill every month by building your own DIY Solar Water Heating system? If so, click on the link which gives you the product that can show you how to build your own Solar Water Heater System for a fraction of the cost of a pre-built one!

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