Dual Voltage Hair Dryer

If you have a regular hair dryer and the voltage in the country you’re traveling to is different from that you are using at home, most probably you might be thinking of carrying with you a separate power converter. Depending on the make and model, it might weight quite heavily in your pack. The introduction of dual voltage hair dryers has effectively eliminated the need for such a converter, since many modern hair blow dryers have this feature that is incorporated in a built-in switch. With plethora of hair dryers available at the stores, buying the best and top hair dryers in India is a frustrating task.

Voltage now differs worldwide from country to country.  So if you are living in the US and you have 110 volts travel hair dryer, you simply need to switch the proper setting to enable it to work in countries that have 220 volts.

The European and American electricity differs as in Europe they use 220 to 240 volts at a frequency of 50 hertz, while in the US they use 110 volts at a frequency of 60 hertz. So you really need a good converter to avoid your hair dryer exploding when you plug it in the wall.

In a nutshell, this is what you need to do to get hold of this very useful functionality if you are traveling abroad and you need to take the dual voltage hair dryer with you for proper hair care:

  • Buy a dual voltage hair dryer from a good, reputable seller. The ‘dual voltage’ should be clearly printed on the box, so you get the right one. Especially since you buy it for traveling, it should be a compact, small size that will fit in your luggage easily. Also it should possess a folding handle along with a retractable cord.
  • Depending on where you are located at the moment, select the appropriate plug adapter for the blow dryer. US has different sizes for their electrical outlets compared to other countries. This is why you actually need a plug adapter, so make sure you get one, preferably from the same source you got the dual voltage hair dryer in the first place. You can buy these separately as well if you want, from pretty much any hardware or travel store for around $15-$20.
  • When you’re ready to dry your hair, simply plug the adapter into the electrical outlet of your room. Of course, if you’re in the US, you can skip this step.
  • If you are outside of the US, set the hair dryer to 220 volts so you get correct voltage. Don’t forget to actually switch bit back on when you’re home and you want to use your hair dryer again. If you’re not sure where the dual-voltage switch is, you can find it on the handle of the dryer. Just plug the dual voltage hair dryer into the adapter in the electrical outlet, then turn on the power and enjoy drying your hair.

A few things you need to pay attention to:

  • If the lights start to flicker, switch off the hair dryer right away. You might have not entirely turned your voltage accordingly.
  • Avoid plugging in the US electronics, including your hair dryer, into a European or other region outlet, unless you want to fry your equipment to bits.

Hair Dryer Holder

A hair dryer holder is the perfect accessory to a good hair dryer because it is really convenient and declutters your room in instant. Not only that but it can effectively become your second – or third hand. Some people call it their styling assistant, or styling extension, and with good reason.

Hair blow dryers are an everyday accessory that people simply can’t be without. If you only want to dry your hair on the quick, it is perfect. If you also want to style your hair using a hair dryer and a comb, it is perfect for that as well. People are using it for one or the other every day.

However there are two main problems that many face when using a blow dryer on a regular basis: clutter and lack of hand. Let me explain.

Clutter – Most hair blow dryers are quite big so they don’t simply fit in any drawer. While you have occasionally the compact version, such as the Parlux 3500 SuperCompact, for the most case they just don’t fit anywhere. This is when they are usually left on the counter or on a desk or table. And also this when accidents happen by them being knocked over on a regular basis.

Lack of hands – While we do have two hands, sometimes we wish we had three. This is the case when we want to style our hair. One hand uses the hair dryer and one the comb or brush. If we’d have a third hand, imagine how much easier it would be to properly style the hair very easily and quickly.

This is why a hair dryer holder is such a popular tool in many households and of course, in most respectable professional hair salons. While I’ve seen hair dryer holders in many styles, colors and prices ranges, they are usually two main types available on the market today.

Hair Dryer Stand

You can easily mount the hair dryer stand on the wall (wall mount), or if you don’t want to drill holes in your wall, you can have the type that can be placed on the floor or on your counter or desk.

Here are some of its features and benefits for you:

  • It can practically hold any types of hair blow dryers, including narrow or quite ones, including compact and portable hair dryers.
  • It is very flexible, allowing a wide angle tilting in any direction of your choosing.
  • It can easily give a steam of hot air without the need of actually holding it. If you have problems with movement (such as arthritis) or strength in your hands, this is for you.
  • It is quite durable and can last you for a long time.

Hair Dryer Storage Holder

This is more than just a stand, it can hold many other hair styling accessories and it is usually either an elegant tall box or a fancy metal coil. Here are just some of the available styles:

  • Metal baskets or plastic baskets which have the property of deflecting heat coming from the blow dryer. You can additionally store a curling iron or some other hair styling or hair care accessories in them, such as being also the perfect curling iron holder, flat iron holder or hair straightener among others. Such a basket is a great organizers to own for saving space.
  • Chrome wall holders have a ring that allows placing the hair dryer nose-first in them. You can either hang them on the wall as wall mounted holders, or from the counter side. I personally prefer the basket variety as it more than just a blow dryer holder. When you have a hair dryer holder you will realize how much easier your hair styling will become and how much time you save in the process as well, not to mention the de-cluttering effect such a bathroom accessory will have. Particularly if you buy the metal basket, you can place many things on it that will effectively free up your counter, desk or table surface.

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