Types of Water Purification Systems : Which One Do you Have ?

A Shower Head Water Filter – Why You Need It And How To Find The Best One To Block Toxic Chemicals

Is spending your hard earned money on a shower head water filter worth it?  The short answer is yes, and here’s why: It is not just the smell of chlorine that is a problem.

In many homes, lead and copper are in the water.  This can negatively affect how your hair looks and feels.  As a matter of fact, on a recent show, Doctor Oz mentioned a relationship between graying hair and not using a shower head water filter. With so many top water purifiers available in the stores, Choosing the best and quality water purifiers in India is a daunting task.

However, a bigger concern that Doctor Oz also mentioned, was inhaling toxic steam vapors while you are showering.  A recent study by the Division of Environmental Hazards and Health Effects, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that more than THMs are inhaled while you are showering or bathing than when you are drinking water.

Did you know that lead can be absorbed through the skin? If you enjoy relaxing in the tub or have small children who take a daily bath, a shower filter is a small price to pay for your peace of mind.

In newer homes, lead is not usually used in pipes or welding.  However, many older homes still have lead pipes.  Also, many towns and cities have yet to replace their old infrastructures.

Luckily, the traces of copper in our water are not a health problem.  Reducing it would just improve the look and feel of your hair.

Keep in mind that not all shower head water filters are created equal. In order for the filter to remove traces of lead and copper, it must have an ion exchange step. The metal ions are exchanged for ions of sodium and potassium.

This ion exchange will actually improve the appearance and feel of your hair.  Many manufacturers will skip this inexpensive but important step.

Also, if you can smell chlorine in your water, that means THM’s are there.  You want a water filter that has a special filtering agent that will reduce THMs.  Many filters on the market are only offering you a carbon or charcoal block.  That works for reducing the smell of chlorine and will take care of the chemicals trapped on the surface of the block, as long as you change it regularly.

However, carbon filters will not trap THM’s.  When water is hot, THMs become airborne with the steam.  As you inhale, the chemicals make a beeline to your bloodstream.  The risk of exposure to this is an increased risk of cancer.

A quality shower head water filter will trap the chemical before it reaches the air or your bloodstream.  Do some research before purchasing  a shower head water filter; not all are what they claim to be. Take a careful, well-informed look at the performance data.

You Need The Best Kitchen Water Filter To Protect Your Health – Not Bottled Water

You should have the best kitchen water filter to protect your health. Why? That is because of the degree of pollution in your water supply. The two major reasons are the EPA’s insistence that the water treatment facilities are safe and effective, and the outright lies, concerning purity, told by the producers of bottled water.

The sad truth is that water treatment facilities cannot stop many of the chemical agents that ruin our water and endanger our health by flowing right through the filters and go straight to you. The treatment plants use porous membrane filters that are useless against anything of equal or less molecular weight than water. Unfortunately, therefore, all microscopic organisms and chemicals can enter your home.

You want the best kitchen water filter because it will knock out the more than 2000 cancer-causing chemicals that otherwise enter your home. it includes a dual filter array that is carefully constructed to eliminate chemicals. An activated granular carbon filter and a multi media block will remove 99% of all of the chemical agents that could cause significant harm to your family.

The public water treatment facilities use chlorine to try to purify your water; to some degree they are successful. However, many parasites and bacteria escape the purifying process and should not be allowed to enter your home.

The best kitchen water filter has a sub micron filter; this is capable of catching these microscopic threats. Toxic heavy metals such as lead and copper are definitely a serious danger to your well-being, but they are removed by the ion exchange that this appliance incorporates. An ion exchange removes the toxic metals from your water, replaces these metal traces with electrolytes, and maintains your pH balance; you need that for optimal health.

Do not even consider bottled water as OK for your family if you are hoping that the liquid they are having is as pure as possible. Sadly, nearly all of the water that you buy from the bottlers is the very same tap water you are drinking at home; the real difference is that has been processed for chlorine and odor to improve taste. Anyone would think that what you are drinking is pure, safe water, but rest assured it is not.

The government allows certain levels for toxins in bottled water. But these levels are set much too high, especially where children are concerned. Numerous recalls of bottled water have occurred as a direct result of the intolerably high levels of carcinogens to be found there.

Further, since testing of this water is not required in most cases, I shudder to consider how many times the unsafe water found its way to store shelves. You owe yourself the best kitchen water filter, certainly not bottled water.

Invest now in the best kitchen water filter you can obtain for your home. Your family is depending on you.

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